Jilted is a virtual rock band, controlled in real-time, for musicians who have been bailed on.

The Making of….JILTED (A short doc) from Milena Selkirk on Vimeo.

Jilted features Sheree on keyboards and Vanessa on guitar. The characters are projection are controlled in real time with a foot pedal by the lead singer, Milena Mépris.

Jilted, is an interactive music and video performance piece that explores the ways in which technology, narrative characters, and video projection can be substituted for live musicians. It aims to create a satisfying physical and visual aesthetic similar to that of a live performance, while maintaining the “human” spontaneity that occurs when a group of musicians play together “live” in a room. Incorporating multi-channel projected video, a customized MaxMSP computer program, and physical foot pedal controllers, Jilted caters to the “human” performer’s strengths, allowing him or her to change visual elements, color, audio, tempo, and characters in real time.

Jilted 1.0 (Screenbased) at Southpaw, Dec. 2009.

Milena Selkirk: “Jilted” from Nisma Z on Vimeo.

Jilted is a multi-layered project, where even the most visual and outward elements rest on others that may not be as obvious to the audience. Much of the performance is rooted in its original songs, which shape the band’s style and attitude, the characters’ relationships with one another and influence the images selected for the background animation. The themes I’ve explored include the contrast between fantasy and reality, the overlap between formal songwriting and musical spontaneity, character development, and problem – solving on stage and in life, in real time.

Jilted projects animated backgrounds on a screen and its characters on sculptural objects behind the “human” performer on stage, who triggers and controls the projection and elements of interaction in real time with foot pedals placed on stage and a ribbon analog controller that is mounted to the back of the performer’s guitar. These physical controls are connected to an Arduino and then fed into a computer, running MaxMSP. The user can control video and audio, filter through a bank of unique video and audio clips, change the video rate and audio speed, manipulate color, and put the audience into the background in real time. All of these elements are composited back to one output video screen in the program which is then projected full screen out of the computer and on to a screen and objects.

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Jilted on Facebook

Jilted on Myspace


Jilted 2.0 (Multi-channel) at the ITP Winter Show 2010.

Jilted version 2.0 from Nisma Z on Vimeo.

Jilted 2.0 (Multi-channel) at the ITP Thesis Presentation 2010.

Jilted Thesis Demo from Milena Selkirk on Vimeo.


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